Back Office

Supports Multiple Stores
Our EPOS System integrates with multiple storefronts and store locations for comprehensive reporting and business insights!
Manage Lottery Sales
Effectively and accurately inventory lottery ticket business activity. Activate, Track, and Settle Lottery tickets effortlessly.
Manage Fuel Sales
All the tools and reporting capabilities you need to maximize profits and operate competitively when selling gasoline and fuel.
A Comprehensive POS System Empowers Business Owners
Small and Medium Sized business owners who own or operate a single, or multiple, Convenience Stores or Gas Stations will
find that a comprehensive Point-Of-Sale System with Lottery and Fuel Management tools simplifies business!
How POS Systems by ModiSoft Improves Your Operations:
  • Works With Businesses With More Than One Location
  • Fuel Reconciliation Log
  • Fuel Purchase Logs
  • Tax Reporting on Fuel Sales
  • Lottery Management Tools
  • Lottery Ticket Activation
  • Inventory Reporting
  • Profit Reporting
  • Easy Price Management
  • Access Data Securely From Your Tablet or Smartphone
  • Track Purchases By Vendor
  • Sales Projection Reports
  • Promotions Management
  • Combined store profit reports
  • Manage all stores from one login
  • Multiple security groups to manage access levels

Modisoft works with all major point-of-sale systems

Your "Convenience" Business is Finally Convenient!

One of the biggest keys to operating a successful convenience business is having all the tools you need on hand to manage it brilliantly to boost sales and profits. The Point of Sale Systems offered by ModiSoft helps empower your business to grow!

Here's How

  • Check Store Performance with Live-Time Reporting
  • Manage and Track Inventory, Lottery Tickets, and Fuel Sales
  • Correlate Data from Multiple Locations or Storefronts
  • Track Sales and Sales Trends for Forecasting
  • View Sales Volume by Hour, Day, Week, or Month
  • Comprehensive reporting for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual sales
  • View hourly sales and customer counts
  • Add Items or Change Prices at multiple locations with One-Click
  • Offer Promotions to Boost Sales Across All Sales Venues
  • View All Live Transaction Journals From All Locations
  • Get Notifications Regarding Price Changes, Manual Transactions, and New Item Sales

Back Office Tools To Manage All Aspects Of Your Business

Our Point-of-Sale and Back Office solution helps businesses who specialize in offering convenience
items, lottery tickets, and fuel sales at their locations. If it is time to upgrade your business processes from the ground
up, a Point-of-Sale System from Modisoft empowers you with everything you need to operate one - or multiple - locations!
Manage Fuel Sales
Our POS solution streamlines fuel sales and management for one or more locations. Advanced reporting provides insights into all aspects of your business operations!
Advanced Reporting
Advanced reporting allows business owners and managers to view sales reports, inventory counts, and much more pertinent information from their Smartphone or Tablet Computer!
All In One Solution
If your current cash register solution is no longer meeting your business needs, our POS solution is perfect for integrating all aspects of your business processes on one easy to use platform!
Manage Lottery Sales
A POS System by Modisoft simplifies all aspects of Lottery Ticket sales in your stores. From activation to the settlement, our POS systems makes managing Lottery Tickets and sales activity easier than ever before!
  • Track Daily Profits or Losses
  • Daily Sales Journal Entries
  • Advanced Banking Technology
  • Track Status of All Pending Transactions
  • Compare Sales Figures by Day, Week, Month or Yeary
  • Comprehensive, Business Performance Overviews
  • Print Payroll Checks for Employees Effortlessly
  • Track and Manage Timesheets
  • Extensive Payroll Reporting
  • Works with Multiple Companies
  • Track Manufacturer Rebates
  • Track Rebates That Your Business Qualifies For
  • Track Rebates By Item or SKU
  • Manage and Change Prices from Your Mobile Phone
  • Enter and Scan Inventory and Lottery Tickets
  • View Sales Reports from One or More LocationsU
  • Activate Lottery Tickets Easily
  • Track Lottery Sales
  • Advanced Lottery Reporting
Print Checks
  • Export Data Using Excel Spreadsheets
  • Print Checks for Vendors
  • Track Profits and Losses
  • Track Assets and Liabilities
  • Compare Sales Figures by Day, Week, Month or Year

Clock Employees in and out Using Fingerprint Technology

Collect Data
The first and most critical step is the ability to collect time data fast & accurately. Choose from our wide array of fingerprint, pin entry and
PC employee time clocks.
Transfer Data
Once Time records are collected
they are transferred automatically from
the time clocks to the software in real
time as it happens.
Manage Data
Our powerful & easy to use interface gives you instantreal time insight to effectively manage
your company’s time attendance
data virtually anywhere.


Print checks & update records at the same time
Need to pay someone? A vendor? Contractor? Or service? Modisoft Back Office makes it easy to print checks on the spot. Plus, it automatically updates your books to keep everything current and accurate.

  • Does the math automatically
  • Fills out the check for you
  • Updates your register instantly
  • Email and text notification on print
  • Set Max limit to how much your employee can print and how many time a week

Modisoft Makes Multi Store Management a Breeze!

If you are managing multiple storefronts, one of the biggest obstacles you have to overcome is having the ability to see what sales activity is taking place at all of your stores at any given time.

Modisoft POS empowers multi-location business owners with the following:
  • View all sales activity from all stores on one screen.
  • Combined and Individual Store Profit Reports
  • Combined and Individual Store Purchase Reports
  • Check prices at individual or all stores
  • Change prices and promotions at all stores with just a few clicks
  • Set different levels of access for your users for added security.
  • One secure login to take care of related business tasks.
  • Much, much more!

QuickBooks + Modisoft

Serious business owners realize that accurate accounting is the only way to assure that your operations are running at a profit.

Modisoft POS integrates seamlessly with Quickbooks so you never have to miss an entry again!

Organize your business finances without the hassle of paper spreadsheets, omissions, and discrepancies using Modisoft and Intuit Quickbooks integration!

Modisoft University

We make it easy for you and your employees to learn how the Modisoft POS operates. Our weekly, in-depth training sessions are perfect for Cashiers, Managers, and Owners to become familiar with all of the features and functions available using our system.

You’ll find that our live, interactive training sessions are the best way to have all of your questions answered by a certified Modisoft professional!

Advanced Security

SSL Encryption
High-level SSL encryption keeps your business and customer data secure at all times. Do business with confidence knowing that your information is protected!
Worry Free Transactions
Assign employees different levels of access to your POS system. This assures that unauthorized personnel do not gain entry to sensitive business data.
Secure Login
ASecure login with IP Protection stops unauthorized access from employees outside of your store locations.
Login Alerts
Merchants and business owners are sent a confidential alert via text or Email whenever an employee accesses information or data on the network.
Secure Servers
All business data is stored on a secure, monitored server infrastructure. We rely on Cisco Systems to assure your data is safeguarded.
Access Levels
Set various access levels for management teams and employees. Limit the types of transactions that lower level employees can complete without the supervision of a manager.

Contact Us To Upgrade Your Existing POS System Today!

Improve Your Management Capabilities
When operating a business, keeping track of every dollar spent or earned is the key to keeping your business in the "Profit Zone."If you are ready to seize control of all aspects of your business operations, we are here to help you get started! Our outstanding customer service and sales department is standing by to help answer any questions you have about deploying our system in one, or multiple locations. Contact us today to open up a dialogue on how our POS System can help your business thrive in today's competitive environment.